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Hi i'm Darlene(: 16- junior- i've been strong for so long but slowly giving up - music saved me - A girl who's obsessed with bands and Disney okay bye (^-^)/)'

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Well I found a genuinely creepy, ghost video about found footage in a haunted hospital. (Video)

It’s from a Japanese T.V show. 

This is from Ura Horror. A Japanese horror anthology movie. You can watch the rest of the videos here. 



© Philadelphia, 8/14/14

vic fuentes + instagram

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make me choose » anonymous asked: Mikey’s hair or Luke’s hair?


People’s Choice Awards 2014

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5 Seconds of Summer perform onstage during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards held at The Forum on August 24th, 2014

How am i going to trust you now? Why did you have to lie? you dont know how much u broke me today. WHY do you ruin me? WHY did u use me? i felt like i fell for your trap thinking you liked me. Im so stupid for letting ur lips touch mine. WHY DO YOU HURT ME? WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IM A FUCKIN TOY? YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH YOU HURTED ME AND YET I FORGIVE YOU I FUCKIN FORGIVE YOU…. I HATE YOU…😡💔



"I gave you everything, and all you did was break me."

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